We use data, analytics and design to help our clients on the development and optimization of their e-commerce platforms.

Next generation
We help our clients transform digitally using innovative technology and various capabilities.
E-Commerce Platforms

We help organizations to develop next generation e-commerce platforms.

Data & Intelligence
Iviate helps organizations digitize various processes and process their customer data.

Our work

With a new website, worldwide customers are clearly informed about the products and services of FPX. B2B customers can easily buy products and request quotes with a personal business account.

FitAdvisor is a health services provider for both consumers and businesses. They offer absenteeism reducing services for large companies and an online coaching program for individuals.

Iviate has realized a total solution for the digitization of Turbin’s online sales. A complete industrial B2B webshop including distribution and the online findability of the products.


To stay ahead of your competitors, you must have a distinctive e-commerce platform. In this article we discus the steps you have to take to develop such a platform.

For B2B it is very important to have a solid digital commerce platform. In this article we focus on e-commerce solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and distributors.