E-commerce opportunities for manufacturers and distributors

Next level B2B e-commerce platforms

The customer of the future is here now and your business must evolve in response. For B2B it is even more important to have a good digital commerce platform. With data and technology there are numerous possibilities to work more efficiently and to create growth.

As a B2B organization, it is important to focus on digital innovation. Important points are the smarter use of new and existing (customer) data and the development of new digital possibilities that improve the customer experience and create added value for customers.

We are very involved in production and distribution. We drive innovation and help these organizations with the opportunities needed to serve the customer of the future. With an innovative approach, we go further than just being future-proof. In this article, we focus on e-commerce solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and distributors.

Dynamic pricing and products

With dynamic pricing you could offer for example different prices for different customers or discounts on product combinations and bulk pricing. Especially the first one is a typical B2B application.

Like different prices for different customers, you can also personalize the products per customer. Different customers get to see different products.

Exclusive e-commerce platform

In B2B long-term business relationships are very important. Instead of having your prices or products in the open for the public, a manufacturing company rather have its prices and products hidden. A solution is a user only platform where accounts must be made in order to see the products or prices. This can go from hiding just the prices to hiding the whole platform for the public. We differentiate between open and hidden platforms, whichever suits your business best.

Repeating orders

B2B customers are often return customers who need the same products over and over. A repeat order feature lets your customers order the same set of items repeatedly.

Requesting quotes

Manufacturers often do not have fixed prices, products are for example customized. For many manufacture businesses this is a reason to not start an e-commerce platform. They miss a huge opportunity here, namely requesting quotes. With this solution customers can easily request a quote within the platform.

Product Information Management

A Product Information Management or PIM solution provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels. This way you have one central source for all your product information. Your product data is always up-to-date on all your platforms. 

Customizing products

This is a something B2C already does, but B2B is very behind on this. If you for example sell a plastic material, you can easily choose its colour, height, length, thickness etc. In this way your customers can easily order their needed product in a couple of clicks. This saves you a lot of emails or phone calls. The next time the customer only needs to click on order again.

Data and analytics

B2B e-commerce provides the perfect platform to launch a comprehensive analytics campaign. You can find out what the customer is looking for on your site and accordingly take steps to boost site engagement. You can also use this data for audience target marketing, with your e-commerce data you can boost your online marketing activities.

Our experience in the industry

With our experience in the industry, we form strong bonds that lead to multi-year partnerships. We drive innovation and help organizations with the opportunities needed to serve the customer of the future. We plan carefully and apply our agile approach to identify quick wins and achieve fast turnaround times. With an innovative approach, we go further than just being future-proof.

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